Training Info

  1. -The first step in the process you will need to do is email his office at

  1. -He will either set up time for you to train at Athletes Performance in Phoenix, AZ; have you join him in Kansas City, Kansas for a four day training program or will consider traveling to your location to train you depending on your preference.

  1. -Coach Shea uses a four day training session that features: leadership training, quarterback meetings, on-field quarterback training, and film study and analysis.  The four day training fee is $3,000 and all travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the athlete/parent.

  1. -In the event an athlete would like Coach Shea to travel and visit him in his location, the program provides the same curriculum but offers an athlete the chance to work with his own receivers and at his own facility.  The same training fee applies ($3,000) but in addition to the fee, the athlete is responsible for providing all travel and expenses for Coach Shea.

Coach Shea receives numerous requests and unfortunately can only facilitate a handful of them, in the event you are interested in working with Coach Shea please email his office first and they will outline the steps that he will require in order to proceed.  Thank you.

Coach Terry Shea’s Office email: 


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Here’s How the Scheduling Process Works: